We Ran A Half Marathon!

Originally posted 5/6/19


Paul and I ran the Eau Claire Half-Marathon yesterday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (about 90 minutes east of the twin cities). It was a beautiful day for a race, with part sun, part showers (right around mile 9 for me, it felt great!).

I'm so happy we were able to do this! It's been a goal of mine to run a half-marathon for the last couple of years. Between getting the flu (complete with 101 degree fever!) two days before the last race I signed up for, finding time to train with school and work, a sprained ankle a few months ago, and struggling to find commitment to go with my motivation, it was a long road to even get me to the starting line of the race yesterday. I'm so glad I did!

When we were training, we realized quickly that Paul and I prefer different paces, so we made the decision that to be most comfortable, we wouldn't try to run together. While running by myself, I had a lot of time to think about life, and I made some new friends along the way! I'm glad I got to run at my own speed. (march to the beat of my own drum?). Not every moment of the race was awesome; there is a giant hill right around the end of mile 2 that was AWFUL, and my knees were starting to hurt around mile 8. But I'm so glad I was able to run this race and accomplish my goal!

For those wondering, Paul finished in 2:17, and I finished in 2:51.