Days 15 and 16, Swakopmund to Erindi to Windhoek

Originally posted 1/17/18


We had a miniature dance party in the van on the way to Erindi from Swakopmund. The van ride was much longer and bumpier than we were expecting, but everyone did their best to stay in good spirits.

We spent the night at a Game Reserve, which had a lodge and a restaurant. It was absolutely beautiful, by far the nicest accommodation we have stayed at so far. Though our experiences in Erindi weren't directly linked to the theme of the course (Global Search for Justice: Dismantling Racism), I think everyone would say that they had an amazing time.

In the late afternoon at Erindi and again early the next morning, we went on a guided game drive to see animals. There were so many animals! Lions, cheetahs, zebras, elephants, baboons, and more! I promise when the WiFi is strong enough (which likely won't be until I'm back in the US), I will put pictures up.

After Erindi, we drove back to Windhoek, with a stop at an outdoor market where I bought a few fun souvenirs to use up the last of my Namibian dollars. Back in Windhoek, we stayed one more night at our familiar guesthouse. And oh man, it was home, sweet home! We did laundry, lounged by the pool, relaxed, reflected on our experiences in Windhoek, Swakopmund, and Erindi, and packed up for tomorrow.

We head back to Cape Town, South Africa tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!