Days 10 and 11, Windhoek

Originally posted 1/12/18


The last two days in Windhoek have been a whirlwind of different speakers and discussions. We heard from a political prisoner from the liberation's struggle in the 1980's, a member of a tribe of peoples that were targeted in the Namibian Genocide in the early twentieth century (the German leaders and ideas from this genocide heavily influenced the shaping of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust). We learned about Namibian politics and economy, women and young people, and talked about white privilege and race issues that exist here. Namibia is a country with a complex history and current situation, and to hear about it from people who live here while I am here brings the experience even deeper.

During our down time, we've gone swimming outside in the beautiful, walked to the nearby convenience store and pub, and taken long naps in the shade. The other girls here are super friendly and it's been fun getting to know them more and more as the days go by.

Tomorrow, we're packing up from Windhoek and going to spend a few days in Swakopmund (Swah-koh-moon, but there are many variations of the pronounciation I've heard). Swakopmund is a city on Namibia's Atlantic coast. We'll be near the ocean, the weather will be mild, and we've got a lot of activities planned for our few days there. There will likely not be WiFi at our housing accommodation, but we've been told many of the nearby restaurants do have WiFi.

Stay tuned! (: