Day 21, Cape Town

Originally posted 1/22/18


Today we went to the University of Western Cape to visit to their Apartheid Archives. It was interesting to hear the reasonings and the usefulness of collecting documentation from the Apartheid Era to keep records of that history. I found the propaganda: signage, pictures, etc, especially fascinating.

Afterwards, we went to one of Cape Town's Townships, Lunga, and learned about the Apartheid laws in place that had made it difficult for black people and people of mixed race to navigate the area. Many of the laws in place prevented people from being in certain areas or holding job permits without proper identification, which included the documentation of whether they were "white", "black" "coloured" (a word here used colloquially to mean "mixed race". In America it would be considered offensive to use this term, but not in Southern Africa), or "other".

We enjoyed lunch at a beautiful restaurant and were treated to the musical stylings of a South African percussion ensemble. The food was incredibly good. I jokingly complain about the amount of rice and vegetables I eat here, since that's often all that's available for the vegetarian option, but folks, these were the best rice and vegetables I have eaten all trip. And I've eaten a lot.

In the afternoon, we visited a community health center that focuses on pregnant women and mothers of young children. The Mentor Mothers of the program provide support for women and educate them in ways to feed and play with their young children to give them a better chance at a healthy life. It was awesome to see things I've learned about in my nutrition classes being put to work in real-life settings, where they make a difference for actual women.

In the evening, we attended a dinner theatre performance at the Rockwell Dinner Theatre. Both the food and the performance were equally spectacular. I could have sat and listened all evening, if given the opportunity.

Tomorrow is our last full day on the ground in Cape Town, and we've got an exciting day planned. Stay tuned!