Day 19, Cape Town


Our free day started with moving to our final housing accommodation, a guesthouse sponsored by a church. It's pretty cozy here, and we'll be staying until we fly home on the 24th.

Jackie and I decided to use our free day to go to the Kirstenbusch Botanical Garden just outside Cape Town. It's a beautiful place, and pretty much everywhere you turn, there's something amazing to look at. We bought lunch in town to take with us, so we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch there. Aside from being very windy, it was a perfect day for walking around outside.

The bus route we took to the Garden only travels in one direction, so we hopped back on to follow the route to our next destination. It was absolutely insane--the road it follows goes right along the coast, so we saw white-capped waves crashing against the rocks, sandy beaches, gorgeous hotels and apartment buildings, and even a couple of seals!

In the afternoon, we went to Victoria Wharf, near where we were yesterday for our free morning. It's a popular tourist place with lots of shopping opportunities, street performers, and gorgeous views of both Table Mountain and the ocean. I got some coffee-flavored Gelato. Folks, it was delicious.

Though my day was pretty amazing all around, one of the highlights was going to a vegan restaurant called Plant Cafe for dinner and drinks. I ordered vegan Mac and Cheese, and Jackie got Avo and Mango tacos. We finished our day with a little more shopping and then some dessert at a different restaurant (Apple Crumble Cheesecake and Chocolate Ganache Tart), before heading back to the guesthouse for the night.

The only negative that I am left with at the end of the day is that, despite applying and reapplying liberal amounts of sunscreen every two hours, I am somewhat sunburned on my shoulders, neck, and sternum. I resigned myself to my toasty fate, and lathered up in Aloe Vera gel.

Tomorrow we're headed to Cape Point for a rather touristy group day. We're likely going to see penguins, and I'm very, very excited. Stay tuned!