Day 18, Cape Town

Originally posted 1/19/18


We were going to go to Robbin Island today, but it's very windy here in Cape Town, so the ferry over was cancelled. Our excursion has been rescheduled for Tuesday. In the mean time, we had a free morning today to wander around Cape Town near the water front, taking pictures and shopping. We drove to the top of Signal Hill, which is right next to Table Mountain. Both are incredibly gorgeous.

In the afternoon, we visited two museums: the District Six Museum, and the Slave Lodge Museum. District Six was an area of Cape Town where black people were forcibly removed from their homes due to Apartheid laws. There are several townships similar to Soweto, Katutura, and Mondesa, around Cape Town where they moved to, and I believe we'll be visiting one of them in a few days.

The slave lodge Museum is centered around the African slave trade in Cape Town. I'd never realized before we came here, but America was not the only colony to keep slaves. The Dutch, who settled a large portion of Southern Africa, were as successful as they were at establishing Cape Town and other large cities because they figured out how to use and exploit slaves and the slave trade.

Dinner was on our own tonight, and me and my crew found a restaurant that had veggie burgers. It was one of the best meals I've had here so far. As I've mentioned, vegetarians are not common here, and the culture here is pretty meat-centered, so today's dinner find was a true gem.

Tomorrow is our free day! Stay tuned!