Day 17, Windhoek to Cape Town

Originally posted 1/18/18


It was a leisurely morning we spent in Windhoek, packing and eating an early lunch before getting on the road. Jamila, Sarah, Eveline, and Donna, the ladies at the guesthouse, took excellent care of us while we were there, and we all wished we could have stayed a few more days. It was so difficult to say goodbye to Namibia!

The airport in Windhoek is tiny! Thankfully, they had a bistro, and I ordered a tasty chocolate milkshake. Not only was the airport small, but our plane to Cape Town was itty bitty! There was one aisle, with one chair on inside and two on the other. I had both an aisle seat and a window seat at the same time! It was a relatively short and smooth flight, around 90 minutes, and we landed at Cape Town in high spirits.

We're staying at a hostel for two nights here in Cape Town before we move on to our final accommodation. It's a pretty quirky little place near a trendy area of downtown.

We all ate at a Malaysian restaurant for dinner. I had a vegetarian samosa, a couple of mysterious fried appetizers whose names I did not learn, saffron rice, vegetarian curry, and some lovely ice cream and fruit for dessert. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, we're headed out to visit several important historical landmarks in and around Cape Town. Stay tuned!