Adventures at Summer Camp, Chapter 3

Originally posted 8/22/17


The last month of camp absolutely flew by! My final day was yesterday, and I left camp this morning to head home. I can't believe my summer job has finished--seems like I only just started.

My last few weeks were full of excitable campers, lots of fun in the sun, and of course, many unique special diets to accommodate. My most challenging camp session, right around the end of July, was also one of the most rewarding: I had 20 people with special diets to feed, almost double my normal number. One of these campers had a large number of intolerances: she was gluten, dairy, soy, egg, pork, seafood, and corn-free--including corn syrups and corn starch. This girl's laundry list of dietary restrictions didn't keep her down; it was a pleasure to get to know her and feed her throughout the week. I even surprised her by preparing a few foods she’d never tried before: chocolate chip pancakes, and cinnamon rolls. What a treat!

I also went on another big adventure this summer--Flying down to San Antonio, Texas to join the Madison Scouts on their summer tour for a week. I volunteered on their food truck, much like I did earlier in the summer at their Spring Training camp. We traveled through 4 states in 5 days, and they played 4 shows in those 5 days as well. It was amazing to travel and experience the "Swamp Tour", as the deep south drum corps circuit is affectionately called. Hot, sweaty, sticky--and one of the best weeks of my summer!