Adventures at Summer Camp, Chapter 2

Originally posted 7/21/17


It's been a long time, but in my defense, the Wi-Fi at this camp is sort of...iffy.

We've had multiple camp sessions since my last post. We've had everything from muscular dystrophy camp for kids, to a 10-day retreat for adults with physical disabilities. I've had a wide variety of special diets to accommodate as well: a black pepper sensitivity, multiple pureed diets, a high-fructose corn-syrup allergy, a grape allergy...the list goes on.

This last week, we had Gluten-Free Fun Camp, affectionately known as "Camp ROCK". This camp was high energy and full of amazing food! Camp ROCK was the camp that brought me to True Friends and Camp Courage, a full year ago, and it was such a blessing to be back. Along with working in the kitchen under lead cook Cathy, who's been doing the meals for Camp ROCK for 8 years now, I was able to spend time with the campers during activities and down-time. There was song-singing, hair-braiding, frog-hunting, and more!

In other news, my supervisor and I decided together that my title would be changed from "Special Diets Intern" to "Special Diets Coordinator". Not really a promotion, but Coordinator is more indicative of the role I serve and the demands of the job.

As per usual, I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen here. I'm also in the process of creating a "Special Diets Recipe Book" for the camp, so that next year's Special Diets workers can have a guidebook of sorts.